I love animals because their talents and gifts are instinctual. Fish swim, monkeys climb, and cheetahs run. We accept animals for who and what they are. We don’t expect to mold them into something they are not

Yet, we expect all children to conform to the highly “left-brained” educational system we currently provide. Those who can’t conform, can’t succeed. As an educator, I love this video because it reminds us, in no uncertain terms, that kids are unique, and should be valued as such. It is hard to meet the needs of every child in a classroom, and asking students to glean a common knowledge of all subjects helps to provide a rounded society, but at what cost? Do we continue to jam square pegs into round holes or do we seek alternatives for the square pegs to be built into architectural masterpieces? The face of education is slow to change; so for now, simply remembering that each child has a special and unique gift that should be praised and fostered, will help bring forth their value.

Animal School Video