Have you ever noticed that there are some plants that can grow anywhere? No matter the soil, conditions or amount of tending, they thrive. They produce, they grow and they are beautiful. They are resilient.

Life is a bit like a garden. There are times when flowers and life abound. Everything is right with the world and we feel proud of who we are, what we’ve done and how great the scenery is. But there are also times that no matter how hard we try, the weeds still make their way in and they begin to take over. When we watch it from a distance or let things ‘happen to us’, life’s weeds become a mass of chaos. But when we jump in with the right attitude and begin to tend it, we can manage the chaos and bring back the order and the joy.

Over time, I have realized that it is our reactions to life, not the distractions, that really matter. I am not talking here about major events like death or disease (these are horrible); I am talking about the day to day challenges that life throws our way. Seeing the flowers through the brambles and seeking out the positive in each situation helps us to focus on what is really happening and what is really important.

This sounds cliche, but I have found that if we keep the mindset that ‘everything happens for a reason’, we can seek out the best in any situation and we can ‘make it work.’ Actually, we can do more than ‘make it work’. When we learn to grow where we are planted, we can thrive. We can bloom, we can grow, and we can be beautiful.

This blog is my vehicle for sharing how relishing in life’s happy moments and seeing the good in life’s challenges help us to create the garden we desire of our own life.

Life is truly what you make it – grow where you are planted.